by Kristin Lems

Carolsdatter Productions
Carolsdatter Productions
"Kristin Lems is at her elegant, eloquent, and feisty best"
produced by Dan Barker for Carolsdatter Productions. Featuring the Fest City Singers on "Someone's Missing" and "You Can't Beat a Woman"
  • 03:53 Story Lyrics Move on Bravely Ahead

    Move on Bravely Ahead from the CD "Upbeat!"

    1. Are you fed up? Are you beat down?

    Move on bravely ahead

    Feel like no one wants you around?

    Move on bravely ahead

    No one ever told you you'd have no strife

    Or hunger, or loneliness that cuts like a knife

    But you gotta make good, it's a contract for life

    So move on bravely ahead

    2. Lost your true love? lost your best friend

    Move on bravely ahead

    Wonder if the hard times will ever end?

    Move on bravely ahead

    Nothing comes with any guarantee

    But you have got your life and your liberty

    The pursuit of happiness is yours, you see

    If you move on bravely ahead

    3. Addicted? convicted? left behind

    You gotta move on bravely ahead

    Groping? hardly coping with humankind?

    Move on bravely ahead

    Keep on inchin that train uphill

    To make it up the mountain is a question of will

    You gotta be upbeat and never stand still

    And move on bravely ahead.

    4. Afraid to act, don't know what's next?

    Still, move on bravely ahead

    Far more problems than you'd ever expect?

    Move on bravely ahead

    You've got one thing that will help you a lot

    It's your own sweet life, it's happenin, it's hot

    It's very very special, so give it all you got!

    And move on bravely ahead Yes, move on bravely ahead!

  • 03:23 Story Lyrics The Language of Love

    She said, I love you He said, your left front headlight needs to be replaced She said, you mean so much to me He said, I'll find the replacement parts for you She said, I never felt so good He said, let me check out your furnace filter She said, give me a kiss He said, give me a wrench! And they both care a lot And they're both aware of Though they use different idioms They're speaking the language of love They're speaking the language of love And she said, are you hungry? And he said what are you cooking? And she said, it's one of your favorites And he said, OK, I'll take a break And she said, how does it taste? And he said, just look at my plate And she said, can you stay for some coffee? And he said, time�s up, see you later. He said, just checking in And she said, just listen to this And he said, go ahead, tell me more And she did and he ignored the second phone And she asked for advice And he said he sympathized And he said that she was doing fine And she said, I gotta hang up! She said, just look at me now And he said, it's OK, you can cry And she said, it's not cause I'm sad And he said, I kind of knew that And she said, you broke through a wall And he said, I'm glad And she said, don't leave, and he said I have no immediate plans to head for the exit

  • 02:43 Story Lyrics Mommy Track
    Travelin' down the workin' track My career fell through the cracks Now it's two steps forward, and three steps back As I run in place on the mommy track. I've got ambitions, that's easy to see I take my job quite seriously I can hold my own anywhere you choose So why am I singing the mommy track blues? In the job interview, the question comes Real offhanded, like between old chums: Can you work after hours, and weekends too? And if you pause, no job for you! Onsite childcare would solve my woes I'd work so well with my babies close But all I hear is that it costs the moon As the boss heads off to the sauna room! Didn't we fight for the eight hour day, And the five day week and overtime pay? The boss wants to own me, body and soul, The way he acts, you'd think they paid me in gold! Mama's little baby wants shorter hours Mama's little baby wants much more bread!
  • 03:05 Story Lyrics You Can't Beat a Woman

    You Can’t Beat a Woman

    Words and music by Kristin Lems © 2005, 2014


    You can't beat a woman, no you can't, no you can't

    You can't beat a woman, no you can't!  (2x)


    1. The story's old, but it must be told

    How many women fall to violence

    From those we trust, even those we love

    But now it's time to break the silence, and say


    2. With no laws to help, and no one to tell

    Many women hid their bruises

    But days so long have passed and gone

    Now there is shelter if she chooses


    3. A woman's life is a precious thing!

    It should be full of joy and laughter

    To be safe at home or on the street

    Now that's the goal we're after!


  • 03:33 Story Lyrics Wrinkles
    A face without a wrinkle is a face that never cried That never had a worry, whose loved ones never died We earn our wrinkles one by one, each born of joy and strife Each is a badge of honor from the battlefield of life. Your face, it is a cover upon your book of days That book is like none other, and likewise for your face Your honest eyes, your noble nose, your smiling lips so fine And don't forget the wrinkles, they're part of the design Wrinkles are like memories that are etched upon your face and just like all those memories, they cannot be erased The memories of working hard, the joy of giving birth and all the endless struggles of the people of this earth So don't stay in the sun too long, avoid the bitter cold But still those careworn lines will come, it's part of growing old Look deep into your mirror where all true love must start Let wrinkles be a roadmap right to your loving heart! words and music by Kristin Lems c2005 Kleine Ding Music
  • 03:31 Story Lyrics Someone's Missing
    Someone's missing from the chorus line Someone's missing from the stage There's a silence in the orchestra Someone's gone from the ballet Lovely hands and lovely visions Full of life and full of grace Some departed with a gift that cannot be erased. Tell me, where have all the young men gone? Men who hardly saw their prime? Men who lit up performances Seen for a final time Too soon the heavy curtain fell Interrupted the sublime Death, are you so very jealous of their artful rhyme? Gone, yes, but not forgotten These tender artists of the wind. Part of a world of magic Not soon to come again. Farewell, we shall remember Our inspirations and our friends Even though you're gone, your life, like art, will never end.
  • 02:52 Crash Landing
  • 04:11 Story Lyrics She Gave Herself a Rose
    from the album Upbeat! When Rebecca came over to visit one day She cheered up her friends in a most special way In honor of beauty and friendship and health She brought each a rose and saved one for herself She gave herself a rose She gave herself a rose Strong but delicate, a treat for the nose She gave herself a rose She gave herself a rose Elegant gift of love, she gave herself a rose. 2. She said, I once waited for some prince to come Bearing roses and kisses, indeed, I've had some But love has its seasons, it comes and it goes But beauty must never die, long live the rose! She gave herself a rose She gave herself a rose Strong but delicate, a treat for the nose She gave herself a rose She gave herself a rose Elegant gift of love, she gave herself a rose. 3. If your wings have been dragging, your smile has come loose Treat yourself sweetly, you need no excuse You can be your best friend, and god only knows You deserve all the best, so just give yourself a rose Give yourself a rose, give yourself a rose Strong but delicate, a treat for the nose Give yourself a rose, give yourself a rose Elegant gift of love, just give yourself a rose (last time): You deserve all the best, so give yourself a rose!
  • 04:10 Story Lyrics Life has Other Plans
    Life has other plans for you, life has other plans Sometimes no matter what you do it isn't in your hands Some roads lead you to Easy Street, and others to the Burning Sands You never know, so go with the flow, cause life has other plans. About to take my first plane trip, I hurried to the gate But they had overbooked the flight & said I had to wait There was another passenger that missed the flight that day, now She & I crisscross the sky & work for Mary Kaye! My social life was zero after Joe and I broke up So I turned to the want ads to try to perk things up A chess player who loves cartoons - how perfect can you get? Well, he hadn't changed, ole Joe's the same, and we're together yet! I never paid astrology much credence in my day Until I read the words, "Good news or $'s on the way." The $1000 I brought home created quite a stir, but I'd read my sister's by mistake, I gave it all to her. How many writers take their inspiration from the street? How many people meet their best friends stepping on their feet? & how could I have ever guessed I'd visit other lands? So don't get shocked if the boat gets rocked cause life has other plans
  • 03:42 Download Story Lyrics Each Child is a Star

    Each Child is a Star   words and music by Kristin Lems

    1. Baby Jesus was born in the hay

    The townspeople turned his parents away

    For the family was poor and had no place to stay

    Just like a lot of folks living today

    2. Now Mary was tired and cold

    Far from her family and friendships of old

    But she vowed to love her baby thru life's up & downs

    Just like mothers the whole world around

    3. And Joseph, he worked with his hands

    Didn't own a house, didn't own any lands

    And all he had came from the sweat of his brow

    Just like a lot of men living right now

    4. Now the baby and mother lay warm

    In that poor shed, safe from winter's cold storm

    And the stars in the sky looked down where they lay

    Jesus and Mary asleep on the hay

    5. There are babies being born every hour

    Some are born rich, and many others born poor

    But each child is a miracle, each child a star

    And each one deserves all the best things there are

    On Christmas and every day, each child is a star.

  • 03:49 Chernobyl
  • 02:49 Story Lyrics I Wish You a World
    wish you a world where the horses run free I wish you a world with a bird in every tree I wish you sunshine and rain, I wish you more happiness than pain I wish you'd join me in this refrain... I wish you a world where there are mountains to climb I wish you a world where rivers run clear all the time I wish you sugar and spice I wish you summer's fire and winter's ice I wish you'd always stay this nice, I wish you a world I wish you a world where compassion never ends I wish you a world that is full of loving friends That all your rainbows are real That you'll always know how to feel That you'll learn to love and to heal... I wish you a world that will one day know peace I wish you a world where all hunger will cease, I wish all this for you, that's the least a good friend can do One day you'll wish these wishes too..
  • 02:28 Una Fantasia
  • 04:25 Story Lyrics Hattie Mae
    The child psychologist pulled off his glasses and said, "I just don't understand They gave me a grant to study those children who live under stress in this land So I've studied conditions and made it my mission to interview kids in distress And after 26 kids who have lived on the skids one child makes my research a mess! She says No! when I ask her Do you have bad dreams? "No!" when I ask her if she cries or screams No lack of confidence, sleeps through the night, And when I ask why, she says she's doing what's right "According to all of my research on children they're sposed to have ulcers and pains When they're haunted or taunted or otherwise stunted subject to exceptional strains, but for 3 long school years, she walked calmly through jeers and the sticks and the stones of the crowd Facing hurt and harm, on a marshal's arm just to go where she was allowed. "Well, her name's Hattie Mae, and I want to say that she changed that town ? no small job. For she risked her life, lived with months of strife just to get into school past that mob With her smooth brown skin and determined chin she led the way for us all & when 3 years had passed & she kept coming back soon all the town's kids filled the halls!" The child psychologist folded his glasses and said,"Hattie Mae's doing fine; she's got black friends & white friends & no special problems cause children know no color line; And as for my research, a child made me search to see what my life was made of; For the boys and the girls will remake this ole world with their hope and their courage and love!"
  • 02:45 Story Lyrics Make the Best of Your Life

    Make the best of your life, life is short but so sweet! You have feelings and friends, you've fingers and feet. You have memories & dreams you have work, you have play You have words to express what you feel every day Make the best of your life, no one has everything In the winter there's snow, there are flowers in spring Make the best of your life, it belongs just to you Hold it close to your heart, do the best you can do. Make the best of your life, it will come only once It's your story to tell, it's a jewel in the rough Make the best of your life, and your life will repay All the love and the work that you give our each day Make the best of your life!

1. Move on Bravely Ahead 2. The Language of Love 3. Mommy Track 4.You Can't Beat a Woman 5. Wrinkles 6.Someone's Missing 7. Crash Landing 8. She Gave Herself a Rose 9. Life has Other Plans 10. Each Child is a Star 11. Chernobyl 12. I Wish You a World 13. Una Fantasia 14. Make the Best of Your Life
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